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Hello everyone!

Today, I had the unfortunate realization that Apple doesn’t give developers any ability to contact users that have purchased an app through the App Store; we have to wait for them to reach out to us. I also realized that my old support link, while meeting the bare minimum for launching Mother App on the store, would likely be intimidating to some people.

So, between those two things, they provided enough motivation to get this site up and operational.

As you might have been able to tell from the description of Mother Hen in the App Store, I’m trying to give our app a little more of a personal connection. I want people to feel like they can make suggestions on things that would make Mother Hen just a little better.

2 thoughts to “A better support site”

  1. Hello. Love your app. Have a couple suggestions or wish list items.

    1) I have multiple flocks, and would really like to be able to tag each bird for the flock in which it lives.

    2) On the harvest page, I would love to be able to have the hens grouped by egg color, or have the little egg color icon show next to their name. I’ve got a lot of birds and remembering who lives where and what color they lay is getting to be a little much for my aged brain.

    3) Also in the harvest page, I’d love it if it showed who I have already recorded eggs for on that day. I have six Easter Eggars, I have no idea who lays what, but if I attribute eggs 1, 2, 3 to Easter Eggars one through three in the morning, I won’t necessarily remember that by the time I pick eggs up in the afternoon.


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