Mother Hen 1.1.0 (iOS)

An updated version of Mother Hen, 1.1.0 iOS, has just been released. It is sporting some new features that were specifically requested by your fellow users.

Species Separation

If you have multiple different species of poultry, whether it be a brood of chickens, a gaggle of geese, a covey of quail, or a badling of ducks, you will now be able to record egg production separately. The egg production graph doesn’t yet support this separation, i.e. it still groups all eggs on a given day in one count, regardless of species, but the plan is to implement this in a future release.


Guineafowl are now available as a species in Mother Hen.

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Tracking Eggs Per Bird

Some people have a close enough relationship with their flocks that they are able to match up which hen laid which egg. If this is you, you now have the option to track eggs on a hen-by-hen basis. To enable this feature, you will need to find the Mother Hen section in the iOS Settings app and turn it on:



4 thoughts to “Mother Hen 1.1.0 (iOS)”

  1. First off I have to thank you, I love the app and use it daily. My question is, is there a module or page somewhere where I can enter egg sales? Knowing the cost of my eggs is great, but I’d like to keep a rolling tab inside the app showing how well I am making money. Am I just overlooking it somewhere?

    1. If you go to the “Finances” section and click the “+” button, the following screen, right below the date picker, will have a toggle for “Purchase” / “Sale”. If you select “Sale”, you can then choose the type of sale (eggs, meat, bird) and enter a dollar amount. Any sales that are entered will then contribute to the “Income” statistic in the Finances tab.

  2. I just downloaded your app and I am very excited to go home and enter everyone in…however, I was wondering if you had a “mutt” breed or “Barnyard Mix” or some such title for those of us with potluck chickens and also Bantams. Silly I know but they are peeps too, lol. Thanks again, although I might be sorry when I see how much each egg costs 🙂

    1. When looking at the list of breeds, there is a “+” in the upper right hand corner. If you click that, you can add a new breed and then name it whatever you would like.

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