Mother Hen 1.1.1 (iOS)

Announcing Mother Hen for iOS version 1.1.1!

Here are some of the new features:

  • Swipe left/right to switch between bulk and per bird collection modes.
  • You can now assign a band color to birds
  • Added egg count for birds
  • Flock can now be sorted by: name, breed, egg count, or hatch date
  • Harvest date will now only reset to current when you’ve been away for more than 10 minutes
  • Added additional date ranges to finance statistics
  • The egg graph can now be grouped by egg color, bird type or both
  • You can now associate a bird with certain journal entries and it will appear in the bird’s history (by request)
  • Two new shades of green for egg colors (by request)
  • Added custom life events
  • A long press on a bird picture will let it be set as the primary picture and thumbnail

The iOS version has now incorporated almost all of the features that were introduced in Mother Hen Android version 1.1.1, with a few more included for good measure.

The next major milestone on the iOS roadmap will be iCloud synchronization, in order to allow syncing between multiple devices and data backup.

– Wes Bustraan
Mother Hen Developer

8 thoughts to “Mother Hen 1.1.1 (iOS)”

  1. I really like all the neat tracking features this app has. The aesthetics are I just wish it had a section for feather color. You can put in that your bird is a Cochin, but not that it’s a White Cochin or a Self Blue Cochin. Also, under ABA/APA class there should be a way to either add your own, or have combinations like “Feather Legged Bantam” for birds that are both, since you can only pick one.

    Thanks for this neat tool. I left you a 5 star review.

        1. In more recent versions of Mother Hen, there is a tip that appears to let users know about this, once you’ve recorded a few egg collections.

  2. Are there any additional features coming? An incubator section would be amazing. Eggs set, eggs hatched, chicks sold, where did the eggs come from- flock or purchased? And a time table for incubation similar to hatch a batch.

    Thanks! I love it so far! I left a 5 star review on Google play 🙂

    1. Yes, at some point, there will be new features coming. I (Wes) spent most of 2019 battling cancer. I think I won, but but it is taking some time for life to return to normal.

      Originally, I had omitted features related to incubation because Hatch-a-batch existed and seemed like a good tool. However, now that Hatchabatch is no longer available on the iPhone, it’s probably time to think about incorporating these kind of features into Mother Hen.

      The top feature I was working on before cancer struck was synchronizing with iCloud on the iOS version. So many people don’t realize that not all apps sync with the cloud and don’t transfer their data when they get new phones. Unfortunately, the iCloud support has proven to be challenging to implement. I’ll keep forging ahead, but it has taken longer than I had hoped.

      When I get to the incubation features, I will likely have to reach out to the community for ideas because, so far, we haven’t attempted it ourselves and don’t have firsthand knowledge of what features would be handy.

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