Mother Hen 1.1.1 (iOS)

Announcing Mother Hen for iOS version 1.1.1!

Here are some of the new features:

  • Swipe left/right to switch between bulk and per bird collection modes.
  • You can now assign a band color to birds
  • Added egg count for birds
  • Flock can now be sorted by: name, breed, egg count, or hatch date
  • Harvest date will now only reset to current when you’ve been away for more than 10 minutes
  • Added additional date ranges to finance statistics
  • The egg graph can now be grouped by egg color, bird type or both
  • You can now associate a bird with certain journal entries and it will appear in the bird’s history (by request)
  • Two new shades of green for egg colors (by request)
  • Added custom life events
  • A long press on a bird picture will let it be set as the primary picture and thumbnail

The iOS version has now incorporated almost all of the features that were introduced in Mother Hen Android version 1.1.1, with a few more included for good measure.

The next major milestone on the iOS roadmap will be iCloud synchronization, in order to allow syncing between multiple devices and data backup.

– Wes Bustraan
Mother Hen Developer

Mother Hen 1.1.0 (iOS)

An updated version of Mother Hen, 1.1.0 iOS, has just been released. It is sporting some new features that were specifically requested by your fellow users.

Species Separation

If you have multiple different species of poultry, whether it be a brood of chickens, a gaggle of geese, a covey of quail, or a badling of ducks, you will now be able to record egg production separately. The egg production graph doesn’t yet support this separation, i.e. it still groups all eggs on a given day in one count, regardless of species, but the plan is to implement this in a future release.


Guineafowl are now available as a species in Mother Hen.

Credit to Bob:

Tracking Eggs Per Bird

Some people have a close enough relationship with their flocks that they are able to match up which hen laid which egg. If this is you, you now have the option to track eggs on a hen-by-hen basis. To enable this feature, you will need to find the Mother Hen section in the iOS Settings app and turn it on: